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American Crime – Horrifying stories that will shock you to the bone. 3rd Season

First of all, if you look for light fare, pure entertainment, fun or action, just forget it.

This one is different: As the title reveals the show revolves around a crime. But other than usual it’s not basically about solving the case, but rather the (lack of) interaction of those involved: the victims, the alleged suspects, their families and lawyers, the legal system, the media etc. It makes you want to hug and punch them, sometimes at the same time.

It is a disturbing, unpleasant, annoying and depressing trip through fear, pain, despair, confusion, guilt, grief, anger and hate; an honest and uncompromising examination of mankind’s abyss, its failures, prejudice, lack of mutual understanding and the denial, ignorance, accusations and injustice that comes with it, inside families, inter-cultural, as within the social and legal system.

Similar story could happen anywhere, not only in the USA, unfortunately.

+ Realistic Script + Coherent Execution + Authentic Characters + Outstanding Cast

By the way: I started it once last year and after 3 episodes I stopped. Like some critics mentioned, they want to get entertained, not depressed. Back then I totally felt the same way, though at the same time I found the concept, realization and especially the cast brilliant. So I just waited for the right mood. Now I gave it another try and it was totally worth it.

Usually I don't write reviews. But this series deserves definitely more appreciation!

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