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Riverdale – S03 E03: As Above , so Below.

Let’s recap last weeks episode before the new one drops tonight!

It looks like the drama in Riverdale has not ended yet. Just as we found out who the mysterious killer named ‘Black Hood’ really was, a new villain comes up and starts to claim new victims in Riverdale.

The Gargoyle King may be a new appereance for the High School Seniors but not for their parents. The meeting in Hermoines office shows us that the parents of Archie’s clique made a pact years ago not to mention the game and the Gargoyle King ever again only to be now confronted with his return.

Meanwhile Betty and Jughead are excessively trying to find out what was the reason that two of their classmates sacrified their lifes playing the

 forbidden game and Archie Andrews has to struggle with the hard requirements of the detention center. His girfriend Veronica is convinced that she can get Archie out of there and prove that her father Harem Lodge has caused his false arrest. With all these wierd things going on in Riverdale, the appereance of Evely Evernever from the farm, raises additional questions.

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